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ZOHO Email Checker extension

The Email Checker extension checks the e-mail address for existence in automatic mode.

The extension works with the standard Zoho Crm modules "Contacts" and "Leads".

Zoho Email Checker validates new leads and/or new leads which have been created or modified today.

When creating or updating records in these modules, the e-mail addresses are checked, which are placed in the fields "Email" and "Secondary Email". The result of the validation is recorded in the fields "Email Status" and "Secondary Email Status".

Possible statuses: Real - the address exists, Fake - the address does not exist or is registered on the temporary email service. It is also possible to reassign the standard field names in the "Settings -> Fields and Statuses" section.

To start the email validation again set the fields "Email Status" and "Secondary Email Status" in one of the statuses empty or “None”

“Unknown” is the status of email validation in case of the check limits expiration. You can check daily up to 10 emails for free, and up to 1000 emails for paid extension.

Feel free contact us by skype: crmoz or by the chat on or website: crmoz.com

Zoho Email Checker FAQ

  • How can I obtain ZOHO API Token?
    Open https://accounts.zoho.com and make sure you are logged in. 
    Copy and open the link in browser, or press on it https://accounts.zoho.com/apiauthtoken/create?SCOPE=ZohoCRM/crmapi&DISPLAY_NAME=checkemail

  • I created Contact(Lead). Why is not emails status changed for a long time?

    Status can be updated in 10 minutes upto 2 hours! Also, you may have already spent API calls limit of your Zoho CRM.

  • Why are some email addresses not checked?

    Email address should be set in standard fields "Email" or "Secondary Email" or in custom fields, that you specified in "Setting -> Fields and Statuses". If some contacts do not have email addresses, they will be ignored.

  • Why is not the contact status updated after changing the e-mail address?

    If in the contact/lead status field for email address is set to "Real" or "Fake", then this address will not checking. To check it again after its update, you should set the status field to "-None-" or empty it.